Updated: 13.02.2018
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Demonstration programs with examples of features using and some tricks (check out the information for installing, using and licensing of these programs):

AlphaControls main demo
Demonstration of most components from the package.
ASkinDemo.zip (10.7 Mb, 13.02.2018)
Demonstration program of the TsFloatButtons components.
In this demo you can see how to create a buttons which may be placed at any part of the screen.
TsFloatButtons.zip (1.3 Mb, 09.11.2017)
Using of the TsWebBrowser component, included in AlphaControls package.
Loading of Google maps with skinned TsWebBrowser control and Super Object Toolkit.
WebBrowser2.zip (1.9 Mb, 24.06.2016)
TsVirtualImageList component
Example of Virtual ImageList using
VirtualImagelist.zip (3.3 Mb, 24.06.2016)
Changing of standard control
Here is shown how to change a section used for drawing of standard panel
ChangeStdCtrl.zip (0.8 Mb, 24.06.2016)
PaintItem procedure using
Example of the custom SkinSection drawing.
PaintItem.zip (1.4 Mb, 24.06.2016)
CommonSection property
Demonstration of the TsSkinManager.CommonSections property using. This property allows to make in application additional SkinSections which are based on standard sections and inherits standard properties with custom changes.
CommonSections.zip (0.8 Mb, 24.06.2016)
Storing of own glyphs in packed skins
In this demo is shown a way how to load own glyphs from skin into ImageList dynamically when current skin is changed.
glyphsinskin.zip (1.4 Mb, 24.06.2016)
Dynamic hints
Demonstration of hints with dynamically changed graphic information (the TsAlphaHints component).
alphahints.zip (2.5 Mb, 29.09.2017)
MDi demo
Simply MDI application with AlphaControls using.
mdidemo.zip (2.1 Mb, 24.06.2016)
Standard dialogs skinning
Standard dialogs are fully skinned by AlphaSkins.
StdDialogs.zip (1.1 Mb, 24.06.2016)
Image of parent control
Receiving an image of the parent control for a grid background painting.
ImageOfParent.zip (1.4 Mb, 24.06.2016)
Get a border icon from current skin
Example of the border icon painting on the panel
ExtractImage.zip (1.0 Mb, 24.06.2016)
Loading AlphaSkins from stream
In this demo is shown how a skin may be loaded from a stream.
SkinAndStream.zip (0.9 Mb, 24.06.2016)
Standard controls
Demo of standard controls using with AlphaSkins
stdcontrols.zip (1.1 Mb, 24.06.2016)
DB-aware components
All DB-aware components included to the alphadb.zip package. This package contains DB-aware controls sources and may be used for free. For viewing of the demo BDE must be installed.
adbdemo.zip (1.9 Mb, 22.03.2017)
Using OnPaint event in buttons
In this demo you can see how may be used the OnPaint event that available in buttons from AlphaControls package.
BtnOnPaintDemo.zip (1.0 Mb, 24.06.2016)
FrameBar using
FrameBar.zip (2.3 Mb, 24.06.2016)
Using region from SkinSection in non-skinned form.
Splash-screen with non-rectangular region. Region is defined in the "BUTTON_HUGE" skin section (panel have this skin section).
FormRgnFromPanel.zip (0.8 Mb, 24.06.2016)
Splash-Screen organizing
SplashDemo.zip (0.9 Mb, 24.06.2016)
Skinning of the TWebBrowser
Example of using AlphaSkins with TWebBrowser component
WebBrowser.zip (0.6 Mb, 21.11.2012)
Skinning of the TCategoryPanel
Example of using AlphaSkins with TCategoryPanelGroup component
CategoryPanel.zip (1.8 Mb, 01.10.2012)
DevExpress QuantumGrid (cxGrid)
QuantumGrid and some other DevExpress components have full support of AlphaSkins if DEVEX key is defined in the sDefs.inc file. Look "3rd party.txt" for details.
quantumgrid.zip (3.0 Mb, 30.03.2015)
AlphaSkins with unicode
AlphaControls can use unicode if TntControls are installed and if AlphaControls sources are available for recompiling (in RAD studio 2009/2010 unicode is supported automatically).
AC_Unicode.zip (1.1 Mb, 03.10.2012)
TMSGrids colors changing
Easy demonstration of TMS grids using with AlphaSkins.
TmsGrid.zip (1.5 Mb, 21.12.2012)