Updated: 13.02.2018
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Using of skins, protected by keys

The possibility of AlphaSkins encryption has been added in the AlphaControls v10. Such skin can't be unpacked and message about unregistered skin is shown when it loaded in the application. The message about unregistered skin will not be shown if special secure key contained in the TsSkinManager.KeyList property.

In the ASkinEditor tool the special "Secure code" field exists. This field contains a unique internal key for a custom skin. If encryption is not required, then this field must be empty. Next "User secure key" field contains a key, which should be used on the user side (in application). Amount of such user keys is not limited, they may be generated for different users if needed.

"User secure key" allows to load and use a protected skin in the TsSkinManager component without a nagging "unregistered skin" message. Developer should open the TsSkinManager.KeyList property (TStringList type) and paste the user key there, each key on new line. Also, user keys may be added into this list in real-time before loading of protected skin.