Updated: 13.02.2018
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This component manages skinning of each separate form where he is placed. Despite the fact that it is created automatically (if TsSkinManager.SkinningRules.srStdForms is True), it is recommended to put this component on the form in design-time. This contributes to better controlling of the form, improves an animation of forms showing and many other operations. Also, this component contains many additional settings that help to influence the best skinning of the form on which it is used.

  • AllowAnimation allows to forbid animation effects for the form-owner.
  • AllowBlendOnMoving allows to forbid a semitransparency effect for a dragged form.
  • AllowExtBorders allows to forbid an extended borders using in separate form.
  • CaptionAlignment specifies a text aligning in the form title bar.
  • DrawClientArea allows to disable a skinning of client area of the form. It's may be useful when needed a drawing of borders and form title only.
  • DrawNonClientArea allows to disable a skinning of nonclient area of the form. It's may be useful if thirdparty ribbon control is used and this control draws a nonclient area too.
  • GripMode enables a drawing of additional grip area in the lower right corner of the form. Works the same as grip in the TStatusBar component and helps you resize the form.
  • MakeSkinMenu defines when needed an adding of a special submenu to the system menu. This submenu contains a list of all available skins and can be used for a changing of the current skin.
  • MenuLineSkin defines a special skin section for the menu line.
  • ResizeMode defines a drawing of border when form is resized. This property is obsolete after a release of the Windows Vista and was leaved for compatibility with old package versions.
  • ScreenSnap - analogue of standard feature, which appeared in the latest versions of Delphi. The property is used to create a sticking of form to the screen edges. Works correctly when using ExtendedBorders.
  • ShowAppIcon allows to hide an icon of form in the title.
  • The SkinData property is a common property for all components from the package and contains common options for a drawing of component.
    • CustomColor allows to use an own color of component which is defined in the "Color" property. Color from current skin will be ignored for this component.
    • CustomFont allows to use an own color of component font which is defined in the "Font.Color" property. Font color from current skin will be ignored for this component.
    • SkinManager defines a skin manager which will control a drawing of the component. By default it's a skin manager which have the "IsDefault" property as True.
    • SkinSection defines a skin section which specifies a look of component.
  • SnapBuffer sets the distance from the edge of the screen to the form in which starts a sticking effect.
  • SysSubMenu allows to add an own submenu to the system menu of the form.
  • TitleBar defines the TsTitleBar component, which will be used in this form.
  • TitleButtons defines a set of buttons which will be placed on the form title. This property was obsolete after a creation of the TstitleBar component which have much more possibilities in adding of new items to the title. The TitleButtons property was leaved temporary for a compatibility with old versions of the package.
  • TitleIcon controls drawing of form icon in the title. After clicking on this icon the system menu is shown. The property allows to define a new icon for the form and define a size of the drawn icon.
  • TitleSkin defines a special section which will be used in drawing of the title.
  • UseGlobalColor allows to change the Form.Color property by current skin. I this case all unskinned controls with ParentBackground property will inherite this color.