Updated: 13.02.2018
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New in the AlphaControls 2014 (version 9)

Most of code has been rewritten, raised speed of rendering.

Controls can have outer effects, like shadows and others, look of effect defined in a skin.

Scrollbars may have different sizes, arrow buttons can have different sizes too and may be invisible at all.

New properties

The property allows to change a brightness of current skin in run-time. Minimal and maximal values are depended from current skin definitions. These values changes dynamically when skin is changed and may be found here:

sSkinManager1.CommonSkinData.BrightMin; sSkinManager1.CommonSkinData.BrightMax;


The property allows to remove a colorizing from icons in controls which are not active at the moment (not focused and not under mouse). But icon will not be just grayed, color tone of such icon is depended from the Color property which has been defined in skin for this control.


Specifies a width of scrollbars in all application. If value of the property is -1, then width of scrollbars is taken from system.


Specifies a size of scroll buttons in all application. If value of the property is -1, then size of buttons is taken from system.


Few new options for configuring of work of skins.

  • CheckEmptyAlpha - if enabled, then drawing of 32bpp icons is processed with checking for empty alphachannel. This property can help if icon is not visible because alphachannel exists but is empty.
  • NoMouseHover - forbids "hover effects" when mouse hover the component. May be useful for work of application on devices with touch-screens.
  • NativeBordersMaximized - if enabled then ExtendedBorders will not be used on maximized form. The property can help to solve a problem with unaccessible autohidden taskbar when application is maximized.
  • StdGlyphsOrder - defines standard order of icons in buttons when Numglyphs more than 1. If disabled then second icon used when button is drawn as "Hot". If property is disabled then second icon used for drawing of disabled component.
  • OptimizingPriority (opMemory, opSpeed) - the property defines a priority of optimizing. Result of such optimizing may be noticeable, for instance, in switching between pagecontrol pages. If opSpeed is chosen, then image of component will be stored in cache when component is not visible. Repeated showing of this control will be faster because image exists already. If opMemory is chosen, then a cached image is cleared when component is not visible.


Allows or forbids outer effects for component in all application.

SkinData.VertScroll SkinData.HorzScroll

Properties were added to all controls which has scrollbars. These properties allows to specify a size of scrollbar and scroll buttons for each component individually.


Each control from the package has this property. OuterEffects defines when outer effect must be shown for this control. This effect is defined in a skin in section corresponding this control. It's off by default.

Description for creation of shadow and other effects may be found in the "Skin Editor" manual.

Buttons: the SkinData.ColorTone has been added

Replaces a color which has been defined in skin. Default value is clNone, button has a default look with this value.

TsPageControl: ReflectedGlyphs, TabAlignment and TabMargin properties

Defines a reflection effect for buttons, aligning and margin for a tabs content.

All Labels: added the SkinManager property

Allows to specify a SkinManager which will be used for drawing of label. Property may be used when several skin managers are active in application.

New function
function acShowHintWnd(HintText: string; Pos: TPoint): THintWindow

Shows a hint window with the custom text and custom coordinates. Hint window is not hidden automatically. Use the returned THintWindow for that.

TsFrameBar.OnFrameShow and TsFrameBar.OnFrameClose

Occurs after showing and after closing of frame accordingly.


Occurs after closing of hint window when TacAlphaHints component used.

Other changes
Tag value for excluding the control from a skinning process has been changed.

Tag with -98 value canceled a skinning of component in previous versions. This value works in the version 9 too, but now it's enough to define one bit only: "Tag := Tag or 256" or just "Tag := 256". Setting of single bit allows to use other bits in application if needed.

Cancelled a registration of acPng handler in design-time in latest Delphi versions.

Native handler of Png format used now for loading of Png images.

In all skins the "TRANSPARENT" section has been added.

The internal "TRANSPARENT" skin section has been added. This section is always created by SkinManager when skin is loaded and may be used in components (Panels, Buttons, frames and others), which should be fully transparent and without borders. If skin contains own "TRANSPARENT" section already, then this section will be loaded without changes.

Margin for ComboBox button.

Added possibility for defining of margin in skin for ComboBox button.

Added new templates for the TsAlphaHints component.

Many new templates were added in the ASkinDemo program in the sAlphaHints1 component. This component may be copied to any project, unused templates may be removed there.

Improvements in the SkinEditor program.

Improved procedure of the image selection, zooming by mouse has been added (Alt + MouseWheel). Added new properties for OuteEffects support. Improved link with the preview program. Fixed some errors.


Improved showing of hints for title items of forms, animation with bluring has been added (AnimShowControl procedure), added ellipsis in SpeedButtons when text is too big (if WordWrap is False), other small improvements.

Marked as deprecated (will be removed from the package later):

  • unit acntUtils:
    function AddChar function AddCharR function WordToByte_ procedure GetIniSection function OffsetPoint function SubStrInclude function GetWordNumber function OemToAnsiStr function IsWordPresent function AnsiProperCase function CorrectString function CurRound function GetCents procedure SetObjProp function acMakeString function GetSystemDir function GetAppName function GetFileSize function CopyFiles function MoveFiles procedure GetDirs function acGetCurrentDir procedure InitControl function Scrolls_SetStyle function RotateRect0
  • unit acSkinPack:
    procedure PackDir procedure UnpackSkinFile
  • unit sAlphaGraph:
    procedure CopyMasterRectA procedure ConvertMaskToAlpha
  • unit sConst:
    TsHintStyle TsHintsPredefinitions TsShadowingShape variables (use the TsSkinManager.Options property instead) ac_CheckEmptyAlpha MouseForbidden ac_NoExtBordersIfMax acOldGlyphsOrder ac_OptimizeMemory
  • unit sDateUtils:
    function ExtractDay function GetKvartal function LastDayOfPrMonth
  • unit sMaskData: TsGeneralData record has a deprecated items (Props array should be used):
    Color Transparency GradientPercent GradientData GradientArray ImagePercent FontColor HotColor HotTransparency HotGradientPercent HotGradientData HotGradientArray HotImagePercent HotFontColor FadingEnabled FadingIterations
  • unit sScrollBox:
    procedure SkinScrollInView (use standard procedure)
  • unit sToolEdit:
    OnDrawDay event, use the OnGetCellParams instead
  • unit sGraphUtils:
    function CreateBmp24
  • components:
    TsHintManager (use the TsAlphaHints, TsHintManager will be moved to the AlphaExtra package later)
  • units:
    sHintDesigner sHintEditor sHintManager