Updated: 13.02.2018
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New in the AlphaControls 2015 (version 10)

Removed all code which was marked in v9 as "deprecated".

Improved animation in all "glowing" effects.

Deprecated TsHintManager component has been removed. It's recommended to use the TsAlphaHints component instead. Old copy of the TsHintManager component may be received from support@alphaskins.com, this component still may be installed if needed.

New components

Analog of standard component with improved animation, support of skins and some additional features.


Multi-purpose, highly customizable angular gauge component for display the technical graphic interface.


TreeView component which may be transparent or have any background. Also, added easy using of checkboxes in nodes.


Component based on standard TWebBrowser control, have full support of AlphaSkins.

New properties
All BoundLabel properties has new `AllowClick` option.

This property specifies when label may react on clicking by mouse.


The property allows to visualize a value of Position property of the trackbar (image of this element specified in the TRACKBAR section of the current skin).

This property works if SkinManager is active only.


The property allows to change the order of values in the component.

Maximal and minimal values are swapped visually.

TsGroupBox.CheckBoxVisible and TsGroupBox.Checked properties, TsGroupBox.OnCheckBoxChanged event

The property creates a CheckBox which is integrated into GroupBox

This property works without active skins also.

TsSkinManager.KeyList property TsSkinProvider.GluedForms

This list contains names of forms which will be clued to the current form automatically (will be moved together with current form).

This property works if SkinManager is active only.

Look this property in work in the ASkinDemo on the "Test forms" frame.


The property allows to forbid skinning of standard and third-party controls on the current form. Use this property if you need to avoid a skinning of all standard and third-party controls on the custom form only.


The property overrides SkinManager.ThirdParty list and can add more possibilities in customizing of third-party controls skinning.


Allows to fade the form if this form is disabled. Use this property if fading of form is required when other modal form or dialog are shown and Enable property of the form is False.


This property changes a mode of controls resizing, If property is False (default) then controls are resized by dragging of splitter. Otherwise, they will be resized by clicking on the splitter.

This property works without active skins also.

FlatButtons in the TsSpinEdit, TsDecimalSpinEdit and TsTimePicker components

Changes a style of spin buttons, if property is True then borders of buttons are not drawn.


Specifies an additional space in pixels which will be used for the form header drawing. This property used only if 'FORMHEADER' section is defined in the current skin (look Windows 10 skin, for example).


Hides ending zeros which are placed after decimal separator and may be not shown.


If property is True then position of hints is depended from position of control under mouse and calculated automatically.


Allows to specify a size of the thumb in percents from common size of the component.


Changes the look of the component content. If this property is True, then special system "Ok" and "Cancel" characters will be shown.


Specifies a place where the component content (text or glyph) will be shown.


Swaps a position of the component thumb.


Allows to align a content of the button vertically.


Allows to accept child controls. Use this property for placing of labels, gauges, images and other controls on the button.


Property specifies a starting value for showing of progress.

New procedure
procedure acHideHintWnd(Wnd: THintWindow);

Procedure may be used in combination with acShowHintWnd function and designed for manual hiding of hint window.

Other changes
Added first, last and middle tabs sections support.

Support of special "TABTOPLAST", "TABTOPMIDDLE", "TABTOPLAST" and others sections has been added for more customized painting of PageControl tabs.

Added support of "<a href></a>" tag in the TsHTMLLabel component.
Added drawing of ComboBoxes in button style if DropDownList style is specified and SkinData.SkinSection property is empty.

Removed from the package (has been marked as deprecated in the version 9):

  • unit acntUtils:
    function AddChar function AddCharR function WordToByte_ procedure GetIniSection function OffsetPoint function SubStrInclude function GetWordNumber function OemToAnsiStr function IsWordPresent function AnsiProperCase function CorrectString function CurRound function GetCents procedure SetObjProp function acMakeString function GetSystemDir function GetAppName function GetFileSize function CopyFiles function MoveFiles procedure GetDirs function acGetCurrentDir procedure InitControl function Scrolls_SetStyle function RotateRect0
  • unit acSkinPack:
    procedure PackDir procedure UnpackSkinFile
  • unit sAlphaGraph:
    procedure CopyMasterRectA procedure ConvertMaskToAlpha
  • unit sConst:
    TsHintStyle TsHintsPredefinitions TsShadowingShape variables (use the TsSkinManager.Options property instead) ac_CheckEmptyAlpha MouseForbidden ac_NoExtBordersIfMax acOldGlyphsOrder ac_OptimizeMemory
  • unit sDateUtils:
    function ExtractDay function GetKvartal function LastDayOfPrMonth
  • unit sMaskData: TsGeneralData record deprecated items (Props array should be used):
    Color Transparency GradientPercent GradientData GradientArray ImagePercent FontColor HotColor HotTransparency HotGradientPercent HotGradientData HotGradientArray HotImagePercent HotFontColor FadingEnabled FadingIterations
  • unit sScrollBox:
    procedure SkinScrollInView (use standard procedure)
  • unit sToolEdit:
    OnDrawDay event, use the OnGetCellParams instead
  • unit sGraphUtils:
    function CreateBmp24
  • components:
    TsHintManager (use the TsAlphaHints component)
  • units:
    sHintDesigner sHintEditor sHintManager