Updated: 12.06.2017
12.06.2017 AlphaControls v12.12 Stable released
* Fixed issue with modal forms focusing
* Solved issue with resizing of the TsAlphaImageList editor form
* Solved issue with black combobox under the Windows XP
* Added ShowCloseBtn property in the TsFrameBar items
* Added new "Jeans" skin
* Many minor improvements

01.06.2017 AlphaControls v12.11 Stable released
* Fixed error of rendering under systems where color depth is not 32bpp
* Some small bugfixes and improvements

25.05.2017 AlphaControls v12.10 Stable released
* Changed behaviour of the TsSkinManager.OnActivate event, event occurs when component is activated only
* Improved animation of the TsFloatButtons component items and other controls
* Removed memory leak in the TsFloatButtons component

18.05.2017 AlphaControls v12.08 Beta released
* Added new SkinsFilter property in the TsSkinManager component
* Added the Enabled property in the TsRoundBtn component
* Improved animation of some standard controls
* Improved drawing of glyphs in the TsRoundBtn component
* Improved drawing of skinned forms after changing of system themes
* Improved mouse wheeling in the RTL comboboxes
* Improved drawing of labels with specified SkinSections
* Improved behaviour of the title item with bsMenu style
* Solved issue with 32-bit color in the TsColorSelect component

08.05.2017 AlphaControls v12.07 Beta released
* A lot of minor improvements

24.04.2017 AlphaControls v12.06 Beta released
* Improved work with memory in skinned system dialogs
* Added new TsRoundBtn component
* Added UseAlpha property in the TsColorDialog and TsColorBox components
* Added CommandLinkFont and CustomCommandLinkFont properties in the TsButton component
* Added the CustomFont, Layout and Cursor properties in the TsFloatButtons component items
* Added new fbsRound style in the TsFloatButtons items
* Added the acgpGradientEllipse procedure
* Improved drawing of text in the TsFloatButtons component
* Improved skinning of comboboxes in system dialogs

12.04.2017 AlphaControls v12.05 Beta released
* Solved issue with automatic changing of glyph in the TsSpeedButton if glyph changed in Action under the Delphi 7
* Fixed design-time error in the SpinEdits
* Fixed exception which occurs under RAD Studio Tokyo
* Minor improvements

07.04.2017 AlphaControls v12.04 Beta released
* Added support of the RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo
* Added painting of new default arrows (look the "Arrow line width" field in the ASkinEditor tool / "General skin options")
* Solved issue with custom colors in the TsColorDialog
* Added support of the BiDiMode property in SpinEdits
* Added support of custom colors in the TsDBLookupComboBox
* Many minor improvements

28.03.2017 AlphaControls v12.03 Beta released
* Added new TsFrameBar.DragItems property
* Added support of the BkColor property in the TsAlphaImageList component
* Fixed the "Integer overflow" error in some gradients
* Fixed error in the gradient editor
* Improved support of the TTntPopupMenu
* Improved aligning of items in the TsFloatButtons component

14.03.2017 AlphaControls v12.02 Beta released
* Fixed small error in drawing of gradients

13.03.2017 AlphaControls v12.01 Beta released
* Added support of semitransparent gradients in skins
* Improved drawing of the TsListView grid lines
* Improved drawing of glyphs in the TsPopupBox component
* Improved drawing of text in the scrolled TsTreeViewEx control
* Solved issue with support of TntControls under Delphi 2006
* Solved issue with glyphs drawing in the TsToolbar under Delphi 5
* Fixed error in OpenPictureDialog under Delphi5
* Fixed error in destroying of the TsRollOutPanel component

21.02.2017 AlphaControls v12.00 Beta released
* Added new TsFloatButtons, TsImgLabel, TsArcGauge, TsArcPreloader, TsArcHandle, TsArcDial, TsRollOutPanel components
* Added ParentForm option in the BoundsLabel property
* Added the OnDrawItem event in the TsTitleBar component items
* Added new spNone parameter in the TsPageScroller.ScrollPosition property
* Added the ShowArrow property in the TsFrameBar items
* Added new "acntUtils.pas" unit with some GDI+ procedures
* The TsSkinProvider.ResizeMode property is obsolete and has the rmStandard value only
* Type of the TsSpinEdit value changed from Longint to Int64
* Some parts of code are fully rewritten

20.02.2017 AlphaControls v11.26 Stable released
* Fixed error in form closing when item of the TsFrameBar component is active
* Improved aligning of content in the TsSpeedButton component
* Added support of the TAdvMainMenu component (acIgnoreMenuOwnerDraw variable should be True in the sConst.pas)

06.02.2017 AlphaControls v11.25 Stable released
* Improved showing of popup forms
* Solved issue with custom font in the TsGroupBox
* Removed memory leak in support of the TDBGridEh component
* Added support of the TsDBCtrlGrid.SelectionSkin property
* Added the EmptyIsNull property in the TsDBMemo component

28.01.2017 AlphaControls v11.24 Stable released
* Solved problem with support of old versions of DevExpress package
* A lot of minor bug-fixes and improvements

07.01.2017 AlphaControls v11.23 Stable released
* Added support of the DevExpress v16.2.2
* Added the Images and ImageIndex properties in the TsGroupBox, TsRadioGroup and TsDBRadioGroup components
* Improved work of the TsPageControl.AccessibleDisabledPages property
* Most skins updated for using with 200% scaling mode
* Improved animation with blur
* Minor improvements and bugfixes

14.12.2016 AlphaControls v11.22 Stable released
* Fixed error in using of the TTrayIcon component with some skins
* Solved issue in the TsMeter component with big Max values
* Added the Cursor property in items of the TsTitleBar component
* Added sclRight and sclRightTop layout types in the BoundLabel property
* Added support of Html mode in hints if TsAlphaHint.ShowHint procedure used
* Improved work of scrollbars with pressed Shift key
* Improved showing of ExtendedBorders after the Windows TaskBar moving
* Improved work of the PasswordChar property in the TsMaskEdit component
* A lot of minor improvements and bugfixes

29.11.2016 AlphaControls v11.21 Stable released
* Solved issue with non existing resource under C++ Builder
* Improved scaling of TsTitleBar items and menus
* Minor bugfixes and improvements

23.11.2016 AlphaControls v11.20 Stable released
* Fixed error in the TsSlider component when the Enabled property is False
* Improved showing of menu items in some new skins
* Added new acgpUtils.pas unit with some Gdi+ functions: acgpDrawEllipse, acgpDrawLine, acgpFillEllipse and acgpDrawArc
* Added a scaling support and set of new properties in the TsMeter component
* Added 200% scaling mode
* Added automatic repainting of the TsSkinProvider.TitleIcon.Glyph after changing
* Added the BitBltRotated procedure in the sGraphUtils unit
* Published new "Material Dark" skin

08.11.2016 AlphaControls v11.19 Stable released
* ColorTone, HUEOffset and Saturation properties added in the TsPanel.SkinData
* The new ShowPopupMenu property added in the TsMagnifier component
* Added new KeepThumbAspectRatio property in the TsSlider component
* Added the EmptyIsNull property in the TsDBMemo component
* The AllowCalculator property added in the TsCurrencyEdit component
* The Options.StdImgTransparency property added in the TsSkinManager component
* Solved issue with mask in the TsShellListView component compiled in the Win64 mode
* Solved some issues with controls placed on the TsTabControl
* Solved issue with showing of TsComboBox placed on a Notebook component
* Improved painting of items in the TsTreeViewEx component
* Improved scaling of VCL dialogs
* Fixed AV in importing of external section in the ASkinEditor tool
* Copy/paste of a section style implemented in popup menu in the ASkinEditor tool
* Minor improvements and bug-fixes
* Published new "Material light" skin

16.10.2016 AlphaControls v11.18 Stable released
* Fixed error in the TsPageScroll component painting
* Fixed error in showing of some forms
* Improved painting of Png glyphs
* Minor improvements

13.10.2016 AlphaControls v11.17 Stable released
* Improved initializing of the TsDecimalSpinEdit when the DecimalPlaces property is changed
* Improved drawing of the TsImage if Transparent property is False
* Improved showing of popup forms by the ShowPopupForm procedure
* Improved scaling of TsSpeedButton and TsButton when dropdown arrow is visible
* Improved painting of the TsCombobox component without skins
* Switching of the ScaleMode property is improved visually
* Solved issue with drawing of a selected item with big text in the TsTreeView component
* Solved problem with scrolling of the TsSkinSelector component by keyboard
* Solved issue with empty form showing when ExtendedBorders used
* Solved problem with hotkeys when TsComboboxEx is focused
* Added support of the TSearchBox component
* Added semitransparent painting of the disabled TsSlider components and caption of the TsGroupBox component

20.09.2016 AlphaControls v11.16 Stable released
* Fixed error in the AnimShowControl procedure under 64-bit compiler
* Solved issue with hiding of glow effect in some components
* Improved refresh of scrolls in skinned frames
* Improved stretching of images
* Improved transparency of the TsImage
* Improved repainting of child forms
* Improved support of skinning of the TDBGridEh component
* Improved drawing of items in the TsTreeView with enabled RowSelect property
* Published new "Clean card" skin

05.09.2016 AlphaControls v11.15 Stable released
* Fixed Error in compiling of the AlphaDB package
* Improved work of the TsSpinEdit component with MinValue and MaxValue properties

02.09.2016 AlphaControls v11.14 Stable released
* Fixed error of loading in the TsVirtualImageList component
* Fixed error in the TsSkinSelector component
* Added RightToLeft BidiMode support in the TsComboEdit control
* Some improvements in the cxGrid support
* Optimized the MakeRotated90 function
* Improved scaling in several components
* Removed flickering of child controls placed on the TsGradientPanel component
* A lot of minor bug-fixes and improvements

16.08.2016 AlphaControls v11.13 Stable released
* Fixed "Out of memory" error in adding of internal skins
* Improved drawing of the TFrame content in AlphaHints

12.08.2016 AlphaControls v11.12 Stable released
* Fixed error in decoding of skins under Win64 compiler
* Fixed "Out of range" error in the TsButton when the Default property is True
* Solved issue with switching of the BorderIcons property
* Solved issue with access to config file when developer works without administrator rights
* Improved receiving of text color in ToolButtons
* Improved scaling of the TsPageControl component
* Improved autoselect the TsDateEdit component
* Improved painting of the TsPanel component
* Improved scaling of BoundLabel
* Added changing of TsSpeedButton ImageIndex property after changing of Action.ImageIndex
* Added new TsSkinManager.OnScaleModeChange event
* Added automatic scaling of the TsVirtualImageList component sizes

25.07.2016 AlphaControls v11.11 Stable released
* Added GlyphColorTone property in the TsSpeedButton and TsBitBtn components
* Added the TsSkinSelector.DroppedDown function
* Removed a memory leak in file dialogs
* Solved issue with rendering of disabled semitransparent controls
* Solved issue with "Internal Skins", "Gradient Builder" and "Color" dialogs under Delphi 5

21.07.2016 AlphaControls v11.10 Stable released
* Improved work of scrolls with negative Min value
* Improved painting of transparent images on hints with frames
* Added TsMonthCalendar.AllowChangeMonth property
* Fixed problem in the TsDateEdit when MinDate or MaxDate specified
* Minor improvements and bugfixes

04.07.2016 AlphaControls v11.05 BETA released
* Solved issue with animated changing of skin
* Solved problem with AlphaCfg file in design-time
* Fixed a memory leak in the TsDateEdit component
* Fixed 'Scan line index out of range' error in dialogs
* Added ActiveFrame, TitleFont properties and OnChangedState event in the TsFrameBar component
* Minor improvements and big-fixes

04.07.2016 AlphaControls v10.31 Stable released
* Solved problem with compiling of the package under C++ Builder
* Solved problem with double link clicking in the TsHTMLLabel and TsWebLabel components
* Improved showing of magnifier
* Added TsDBCheckBox.OnChange event

24.06.2016 AlphaControls v11.04 BETA released
* Solved problem with compiling under C++ Builder 6
* Solved problem with double link clicking in the TsHTMLLabel and TsWebLabel components
* Solved problem in using of popup forms with FastMM4
* Changed declaration of the "Text" parameter in the TsDateEdit.OnValidateError event
* Text color of transparent controls received from parent control now
* Improved showing of magnifier
* Added new type of texture filling: from bottom to top
* Added the TsHTMLLabel.OnLinkClick event
* Added new "Blue waves (CS)" skin

15.06.2016 AlphaControls v11.03 BETA released
* Added the TsMagnifier.OnGetSourceCoords event
* Fixed error in the TsTrackEdit component
* Added the ShowProgress property in the TsTrackEdit component
* TsScrollBox is transparent if BorderStyle is bsNone and SkinData.SkinSection property is empty
* Many minor improvements and bugfixes
* Added new "AlterMetro 2016" skin

11.06.2016 AlphaControls v10.30 Stable released
* Added automatic repainting of the main menu after changing
* Added MousePosToDate function and CellDate property in the TsMonthCalendar
* Added new SysColorToSkin function, declared in the sSkinManager unit
* Solved issue with slow forms activation under Windows XP
* Solved issue with wrapped BoundLabels
* Default value of the TsDateEdit.CheckOnExit property changed to True
* Minor bug-fixes

29.05.2016 AlphaControls v11.02 BETA released
* Added new TsGradientPanel component
* Added default 'MAINCOLOR' skin section
* Solved problem with compilation under CX 10.1 Berlin
* Minor bugfixes and improvements
* Added new "TV-c" skin

18.05.2016 AlphaControls v11.01 BETA released
* Fixed error which occurs under Windows XP
* Fixed error in the TsBevel component
* Added TsPopupBox.OnBeforePopup event
* Added automatic repainting of the main menu after changing
* Added new TsDateEdit.IsEmpty function
* Added new Alignment property in the TsFrameBar title items
* A lot of minor improvements and bugfixes

11.05.2016 AlphaControls 2016 (v11.00) BETA released
* Added new TsPopupBox component
* Added new TsTrackEdit component
* Added new TsSkinSelector component
* Added new TsSkinProvider.DisabledBlendColor property
* Added new TsColorSelect.PopupMode property with cpmColorList and cpmPickColor values
* Added new ChangeControlColors procedure
* Added CustomFont and Font properties in the TsSkinManager.MenuSupport
* Added solution for scaling of forms (TsSkinManager.Options.ScalingMode property)
* Added showing of 'AM/PM' in the TsTimePicker component when Use12Hour property is True

07.05.2016 AlphaControls v10.29 Stable released
* Added TsAlphaImageList.Clear procedure
* Added TsShellTreeView.Active property
* Added suppot of the RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin
* Many small improvements and bug-fixes

07.04.2016 AlphaControls v10.28 Stable released
* Fixed error in the TsTrackBar component
* Fixed error in destroying of TDBGridEH component in run-time
* Improved work of the SkinData.CustomColor property
* Improved support of the TVirtualStringTree component
* Some improvements in forms minimizing/restoring procedure
* Small bug-fixes and improvements

22.03.2016 AlphaControls v10.27 Stable released
* Added new TsSkinProvider.DisabledBlendColor property
* Added new TsCheckListBox.DblClickToggle property
* Added new TsTitleBar.RightSpacing property
* Fixed error in the TsShellComboBox creation in design-time
* Improved painting of ListView items with vsIcon style
* Improved support of standard TDBCheckBox component
* Improved support of custom drawing in listboxes
* Improved support of PNG8

18.02.2016 AlphaControls v10.26 Stable released
* Solved issue with changing of the Enabled property in the TsGroupBox and TsRadioGroup components
* Fixed error in the TsColorSelect component
* Improved work of the TsSkinManager.CommonSections property
* Small bug-fixes and cosmetic improvements

09.02.2016 AlphaControls v10.25 Stable released
* Fixed Range Check Error in the 64 bit mode
* Improved repaint of grid in the TsListView component
* Improved showing of hints of title bar items
* Raised speed of items adding in TsTreeView if SkinData.BeginUpdate|EndUpdate used
* Removed memory leak in the TsAlphaHints component
* Solved issue with transparency in standard labels and some other controls
* Solved issue with refresh of the TsComboBox component
* Added AllowMouseWheel property in the TsComboBox and TsComboBoxEx components

16.01.2016 AlphaControls v10.24 Stable released
* Added CustomColors property in the TsColorSelect component
* Added ImageIndexHot, ImageIndexPressed, ImageIndexDisabled and ImageIndexSelected properties in the TsSpeedButton component
* Fixed error in TsGauge which occurs under Delphi 5
* Solved issue with fonts in system dialogs
* Improved procedures of manual showing of AlphaHints
* Improved support of the TsSpeedButton transparency when parent control is not skinned
* A lot of small improvements

29.12.2015 AlphaControls v10.23 Stable released
* Added OnPaint and OnMeasure events in the TsAlphaHints component
* Added extended ShowHint method in the TsAlphaHints component
* Added new TsPageControl.AllowAnimSwitching property
* Improved painting of the TsRichEdit in animation
* Solved issue in the form maximizing from minimized state
* Solved some problems in forms with AlphaBlend property enabled
* Fixed problem with focusing of TsListView when window is not visible
* Some optimization in the TsListView component
* Many minor bugfixes and improvements

02.12.2015 AlphaControls v10.22 Stable released
* Solved issue in changing of the TsSplitter state by code
* Solved issue with colors of first column in the TsListView component
* Solved problem with dynamically loaded skinned DLL
* Solved issue in the TsFrameBar component when item is closed, but frame is not destroyed
* Improved showing of the PathDialog
* Improved animation in the TsSlider component
* Improved painting of caption bars in menus
* Changed and optimized skinning of frames
* Added new TsVirtualImageList.CreateBitmap32 function

23.11.2015 AlphaControls v10.21 Stable released
* Improved autosizing of TsTitleBar items
* Improved painting of menus
* Improved painting under systems with big fonts
* Improved drawing of the disabled TsWebLabel control
* Improved loading of a skin under Delphi 5
* Improved support of standard TStaticText component
* Improved painting of TsHeaderControl under Delphi 7 and older
* Solved issue in drawing of invisible SpeedButtons in design-time
* Solved some issues in skinned ComboBoxes
* Fixed error in dialogs when big fonts used in the Windows system
* Default Value of the TsGauge.Progress property changed to 0
* Added support of semi-transparent hints
* Added new TsSlider.ThumbSection property
* Added new TsRadioGroup.OnChange event

03.11.2015 AlphaControls v10.20 Stable released
* Solved some issues in skinned menus
* Fixed error in drawing of disabled button with PngImages
* Improved painting of MDI child forms
* Improved painting of SpinButtons in the standard TSpinEdit control
* Improved form animation in the Win64 mode
* Some ImageEn controls added into predefined TsSkinManager.ThirdParty list
* Added painting of images in the TsTreeViewEx component
* Published new free "Notes Plastic" skin

19.10.2015 AlphaControls v10.19 Stable released
* Fixed "out of memory" error in the ASkinEditor tool
* Added drawing of dial and arrow shadows in the TsMeter when PaintData.Stretched property is True
* Improved drawing of arrows in different styles of comboboxes
* Improved autosizing of the TsSlider component
* Some improvements in work with TntUnicodeControls
* Many others minor improvements, most skins were updated

11.10.2015 AlphaControls v10.18 Stable released
* Added new IgnoreBounds, ShowCaptionValue, ShowMinMaxValue, PaintData.DialColor, Images and GlyphIndex properties in the TsMeter component
* Added support of components under x64 design-time mode
* Added new GrayedMode property in the TsSpeedButton component
* Improved autosizing in the TsRadioButton component
* Improved work of extended borders under systems with big fonts
* Improved painting of disabled SpinEdits when spin buttons are hidden
* Improved painting of form borders under Windows 10
* Improved most published skins

21.09.2015 AlphaControls v10.17 Stable released
* Added support of RAD Studio 10 Seattle
* Added new TsTreeViewEx component with possibility of full transparency and checkboxes
* Added "ContentPlacing" and "Reversed" properties in the TsSlider component
* Added "TabsLineSkin" section in the TsPageControl component
* Added "AllowClick" option in the BoundLabel property
* Added "ContentType" property in the TsMeter component
* Added "UseSymbols" property in the TsSlider component
* Added support of TsSlider full painting based on images from ImageList (ImageIndexOn, ImageIndexOf, ThumbIndexOn, ThumbIndexOff properties)
* Solved some issues in the TsPageControl
* Solved issue in switching of extended borders under system without Aero
* Improved animation in the TsFrameBar component
* Improved drawing of VirtualTreeView borders

02.09.2015 AlphaControls v10.16 Stable released
* Improved drawing of the TsTrackBar component
* Improved autosizing of the TsCheckBox component
* Added Alignment property in items of the TsTitleBar component
* Added TsSkinProvider.DisabledBlendValue property for blackout of disabled form
* Added the new TsMeter component
* Fixed error in the TsSplitter component
* Improved work of the TsVirtualImageList component
* Solved issue with empty caption in panel (when shadowed text used)
* In a skin structure added additional properties for "pressed" state

13.08.2015 AlphaControls v10.15 Stable released
* Added TsBitBtn.AcceptsControls property
* Added the TsTrackBar.ShowProgressFrom property
* Added a forbidding of focusing to disabled items in the TsCheckListBox component
* Improved drawing of ComboBoxes with custom colors
* Improved work of TsMonthCalendar component when Min and Max values are defined
* Improved drawing of TsTrackBar in design-time under latest Studio versions
* Improved drawing of text with contours and glowing
* Solved some issues in minimizing of forms
* Solved some problems under the Delphi 5 and Studio XE8
* Solved issue in saving procedure of the ASkinEditor tool
* TsPanel uses the BevelOuter automatically if SkinData.SkinSection is empty
* TsSpeedButton uses the Flat property automatically if SkinData.SkinSection is empty

27.07.2015 AlphaControls v10.14 Stable released
* Added the VerticalAlignment property in the TsBitBtn component
* Added the TsDateEdit.Animated property
* TsBitBtn and TsButton can have child controls now
* Improved support of TDBGridEh and TDBVertGridEh components
* Solved issue in compiling with NOWNDANIMATION key
* Solved some problems with the package compiling under Delphi 5 and in the Win64 mode
* Solved issue with showing of special chars in HTML text (the TsHTMLLabel component)
* Solved issue with mirrored system dialogs when BiDiMode is RightToLeft

18.07.2015 AlphaControls v10.13 Stable released
* Added new ThumbSizeInPercent property in the TsSlider component
* Added animation in calendar (the Animated property)
* Fixed error in the TsSkinManager if component is created in run-time without owner
* Solved problem with memory leak in destroying of the TSpeedButton component
* Solved some issues in ExtendedBorders drawing
* Solved issue with glowing of SpeedButton
* Solved issue with auto hiding of hints
* Solved some issues in the Calendar
* Improved support of the WebBrowser component

02.07.2015 AlphaControls v10.12 Stable released
* Solved issue with animated showing of forms under Windows Vista
* Reduced space which engaged by the TsVirtualImageList component
* Improved drawing of calendar items
* Improved appearance of ComboBox if mouse is over this control
* Improved support of OnAdvancedCustomDrawSubItem event in the TsListView
* Changed drawing of active item in the TsListView
* Added the ThirdParty property in the TsSkinProvider component
* Added the AutoAlignment property in the TsAlphaHints component
* Added the Reversed property in the TsTrackBar component
* Published new commercial "Metro DW" skin

12.06.2015 AlphaControls v10.11 Stable released
* Reduced size which reserved by TsAlphaImageList in Dfm-file
* Solved problem in painting of last item in the TsCheckListBox
* Fixed error in the TsLabel control
* Fixed error in maximizing of form when SkinManager.Options.NativeBordersMaximized if True

07.06.2015 AlphaControls v10.10 Stable released
* Solved problem in the TsNotebook repainting
* Improved drawing of Grayed buttons in the TsToolBar
* Improved blending on moving of forms without Aero
* Solved issue with unwanted showing of calendar in the TsCalcEdit component
* Improved drawing of TsListView items
* Added support of form header changing (TsSkinProvider.FormHeader property)
* Added support of v8 TDBGridEh component
* Added HideExcessZeros property in the TsDecimalSpinEdit component
* Checkboxes are toggled by double clicking on text in the TsCheckListBox
* Solved issue with changing of the TsDateEdit.Date property when text of component is changed
* Published free "Windows 10" skin

19.05.2015 AlphaControls v10.05 Beta released
* Solved problem with repainting of buttons in SpinEdits
* Solved problem of the package compiling with support of TntControls
* Solved issue in using of animated TsSpeedButtons with GroupIndex property
* Added TsSkinProvider.FormHeader.AdditionalHeight property
* Added TsPageControl.ActiveTabEnlarged property
* Improved receiving of parent font by transparent controls
* Improved animation in the TsTrackBar component
* Improved behavior of the SkinData.HUEOffset property in buttons
* Some improvements in ListView items drawing
* A lot of small improvements

05.05.2015 AlphaControls v10.04 Beta released
* Fixed error in clicking of standard button which is not visible after clicking
* Fixed error with multiple glowing in dialogs
* Solved problem with FastMM and timers
* Solved issue in the glow effect hiding
* Solved problem with changing of font color in grids
* Improved drawing of items in the TsShellListView component
* Added animation in the TsPageScroller buttons
* Added showing of days of previous and next months in the TsMonthCalendar component
* Removed blinking of form when combobox is dropped down
* Removed blinking of window when ComboBox is dropped down and has the bounds label

24.04.2015 AlphaControls v10.03 Beta released
* Added support of Embarcadero RAD Studio XE8
* Added the TsSkinProvider.AllowSkin3rdParty property
* Added drawing of ComboBoxes in button style if DropDownList style is specified and SkinSection property is empty
* Improved drawing of TsPageControl in standard mode (without skins)
* Improved animation in the TsPageControl
* Improved drawing of BoundLabels when HTML formatting is enabled
* Improved loading of unregistered skins under latest studio versions
* Improved calculation of title icons coordinates when Extended Borders used and form is maximized
* Solved issue with animation in the TsRadioButton component
* Solved issue when TActionList used with TsAlphaImageList
* Solved issue with installing of AlphaControls Lite Edition under Delphi XE5
* Removed a blinking in the TsListView component
* Many improvements in glowing effect and animations

04.04.2015 AlphaControls v10.02 Beta released
* Fixed error in TsComboBox
* Fixed error in closing of form while glowing effect is visible
* Fixed error in changing of action in the TsSpeedButton control
* Added automatic maximizing of form when moved to top edge of monitor
* Added animation and glowing effect to standard and third-party buttons
* Added TsCalcEdit.FlatButtons property
* Added 'CE' button in the popup calculator
* Added support of OnValidateError event in the TsDateEdit component
* Improved drawing of buttons in SpinEdits
* Improved changing of HUE and Brightness
* Improved drawing of extended borders
* Improved glowing on controls with scrollbars
* TsSplitter component improved

13.03.2015 AlphaControls v10.01 Beta released
* Added new TsWebBrowser component, based on standard TWebBrowser
* Fixed error with ItemData in ListBox
* Fixed error in drawing of form without DrawNonClientArea
* Improved painting of MaskEdits in design-time
* Improved support of old versions of DevExpress package
* Some improvements in the TsSplitter component, adde SizingByClick property
* Improved animation in the TsPageScroller component
* Added glowing animation in edit controls
* Improved glowing animation in buttons
* Improved TsFrameBar animation
* Added animation of CheckBox of the TsGroupBox component
* Fixed error in ExtendedBorders when ScaledBy used
* Improved minimizing of form in latest Delphi versions
* Solved issue with manual changing of TsDateEdit
* Added animation and support of custom fonts in PageControl tabs
* Improved animation of system dialogs showing
* TsGauge.Progress type changed to Int64, drawing of progress is improved
* Improved drawing of transparent SpeedButtons in design-time
* Added acHideHintWnd procedure
* Published new commercial "Canvas dark" and "Aluminium 2.0" skins
* Memory leak in hints removed

24.02.2015 AlphaControls v10.00 Beta released
* Added new TsPageScroller component
* Added ShowProgress property in the TsTrackBar component
* Added CheckBoxVisible, Checked and OnCheckBoxChanged properties in the TsGroupBox and TsRadioGroup components
* Added support of links in the TsHTMLLabel component
* Added protection of skins by secure keys, added TsSkinManager.KeyList property
* Added first, last and middle tabs sections support
* Added forms gluing, TsSkinProvider.GluedForms property
* Added TsSplitter.SizingByClick property
* Added TsAlphaHints.TextAlignment property
* Improved drawing of outer effects
* Big changes in hints animation when TsAlphaHints used
* Filling by texture has been improved, added some new possible modes
* Some optimizations in code
* Removed TsHintManager deprecated component
* Removed all deprecated code

19.02.2015 AlphaControls v9.20 Stable released
* Fixed issue in form maximizing when TitleBar is in changing
* Solved problem with form maximizing after restoring
* Added TsAlphaHints.TextAlignment property
* Added TsImage.OnMouseEnter and TsImage.OnMouseLeave properties
* Fixed error in the TsNotebook painting
* Solved problem with popup calendar and editor focusing
* Solved problem with ellipsis in TsSpeedButton
* Some small improvements

15.12.2014 AlphaControls v9.19 Stable released
* Added support of the Alignment property in the TsComboBox
* Added automatic repaint of the TsWebLabel after a font changing
* Added new modes of texture filling
* Added multi-line design-time editor for the Hint property of components
* Improved dragging of items in the TsListView
* Improved skinning of scrollbars under Windows XP
* Improved resizing of the TsNotebook component
* Improved work of the ShowSpinButtons property in SpinEdits
* Removed a memory leak in minimizing of forms without extended borders
* Fixed some errors in painting of glyphs

19.11.2014 AlphaControls v9.18 Stable released
* Improved positioning of hints windows
* Added support of "tab covering" effect in all TabControls
* Improved drawing of text in TsHeaderControl
* Improved skinning of standard PageControl
* Improvements in the ColorDialog and ColorBox painting
* Improved work of the TsRadioButton.ReadOnly property
* Improvements in form animations
* Added TsSpeedButton.UseEllipsis property
* Fixed error of TsDBNavigator component reloading
* Improved painting of selected rows in the TsDBGrid
* Many minor improvements and bugfixes

23.10.2014 AlphaControls v9.17 Stable released
* Solved some issues in the TsDBNavigator component
* Default value of the TsSkinManager.Options.ChangeSysColors property changed to False
* Fixed error occured when application compiled under x64 mode
* Improved changing of skin of the TsSlider
* Improved animation of form skin changing
* Improved work of the SkinManager.Options.StdGlyphsOrder property
* A lot of small improvements

09.10.2014 AlphaControls v9.16 Stable released
* Fixed error with loading of Png images in the SpeedButton.Glyph property
* Solved problem of the 'FiltEdit.obj' file while compiling under latest Builder versions
* Improved scrolling of TsScrollBox when Tracking parameter defined to False
* Added Text property in the TsAlphaImageList items
* Added OnGetPopupFont event in the TsDateEdit component
* Added BoundLabel.UseHTML property in editors
* Added TsSkinManager.Options.ChangeSysColors property
* Improved dialogs animation
* Some improvements in the DevExpress controls support
* Popup calculator improved
* Improved painting of standard TGroupBox

17.09.2014 AlphaControls v9.15 Stable released
* Added support of the Embarcadero RAD Studio XE7
* Fixed error in TsGroupBox which occurs when skins are not enabled
* Added saving and loading from files of AlphaHint templates (in the property editor)
* Improved support of TsDBGrid under latest IDE versions
* Added support of HTML tags in the editors BoundLabel property
* Added OnValidateError event in the TsMaskEdit
* Improved drawing of items in the TsListView
* Improved drawing of EditButton in DevExpress

06.09.2014 AlphaControls v9.14 Stable released
* Resolved issue in repainting of standard ToolBar
* Improved positioning of hints for TitleItems of form
* Improved painting of TsListBox without border
* Improved animation in TsSpeedButton
* Improvements in the DevExpress support
* Other small improvements

23.08.2014 AlphaControls v9.13 Stable released
* Improvements in the DevExpress support
* Fixed error which occurs after hiding of title hint window
* Fixed error in hints with frames
* Fixed error in the TsNotebook repainting
* Standard hints used in title items are hidden automatically
* Improved painting of transparent corners in some controls
* Improved painting of TsListView items
* Improved resizing of standard dialogs
* Added painting of vertical dividers in menus when they used
* Fixed error in TsTreeView under Builder
* Improved painting of selected items in TsTreeView
* Removed memory leak in OuterEffects
* Some skins published as contrast: Cappuccino_contrast, DarkMetro_contrast, Matrix_contrast, Nautilus_contrast, Terminal4bit_contrast

13.07.2014 AlphaControls v9.12 Stable released
* Improved support of some DevExpress controls, added support of latest DevExpress version
* Fixed error which occurs after hiding of title hint window

10.07.2014 AlphaControls v9.11 Stable released
* Solved issue with painting of images from TsVirtualImageList on the TsToolBar
* Solved issue with text aligning in TsSpeedButton
* Improved painting of hints
* Improved animation in TsSlider
* Improved animation of form hiding

05.07.2014 AlphaControls v9.10 Stable released
* Removed blinking of some components when form is activated/deactivated
* Improved painting of scrolling buttons in pagecontrols
* Resolved issue in work of "CloseTab" buttons in TsPageControl component
* Some small bugfixes

27.06.2014 AlphaControls v9.05 Beta released
* Solved problems with empty images
* Improved positioning of content in the TsSpeedButton

25.06.2014 AlphaControls v9.04 Beta released
* Improved loading of Bitmaps 32 to AlphaImageList
* Improved pages switching in TsNoteBook
* Improved resizing of TListView
* Fixed error of TWebBrowser support under Delphi XE
* Improved animation in TsSpeedButtons
* Improved support of TDBCtrlGrid
* Added new sections for TsSlider component
* Solved problem with glowing hiding in TsComboBox component
* Solved issue with opening of TActionList with TsAlphaImageList is design-time
* Improved work TMainMenu with MDI forms
* Improved drawing of TsSpeedButton with arrow without skins
* Improved text painting in MessageBox
* Improved work of buttons in TsPageControl tabs
* Fixed error in TsSpeedButton when Action used and button is destroyed
* Improved switching of the TsSlider component
* TsSlider is improved in some skins

20.05.2014 AlphaControls v9.03 Beta released
* Some bug-fixes in MDI-child forms
* Fixed error in calendar under Delphi 5
* Solved issue with empty hint
* Improved moving of magnifier, added TsMagnifier.GetPixelColor function
* Improved refresh of background in TsNotebook
* Improved support of TVirtualStringTree
* Improved support of moving of columns in TsListView
* Improved changing of Action in TsSpeedButton
* Added support of Cursor property in the TsRadioGroup items
* Added HideTime parameter in the TsAlphaHints.ShowHint procedure
* Improved hints in TsTitleBar items
* Improved positioning on Png hints
* Added support of RAD Studio XE6
* Published new "Graphite" skin

24.04.2014 AlphaControls v9.02 Beta released
* Fixed error in calculating of percents in TsGauge
* Improved support of SkinData.CustomFont property in the TsComboBox
* Improved drawing of cached VirtualImageList
* Added RenderCacheNow procedure in the TsVitualImageList component
* Solved problem in drawing of vertical TsProgressBar
* Added support of old (version 6) DevExpress packages
* Improved support of docking on TsPanel
* Added ImageName property in the TsAlphaImageList component items
* Improved scrolling of grouped listview
* Added support of DisabledImages property in TsToolBar
* Added support of frames in hints when ShowHint procedure used
* Added support of ShowHint property in TsTitleBar items
* Published new "Spring Willow" skin

02.04.2014 AlphaControls v9.01 Beta released
* Improved procedure of blended moving of forms
* Solved some problems in animated hiding of forms
* Added painting of grip area on DockSite panel
* Added support of ShowButton property in the TsCurrencyEdit
* Improved support of AlphaHints with Unicode
* Improved drawing of transparent TsImage with standard Png
* Changed extension of supported Png images
* Added support of Alignment property in the TsHTMLLabel component
* Removed GDI leak in the TsPageControl
* Improved drawing of TsUpDown
* Improved drawing of glyphs in TsListView
* Improved repainting of non-client area when form activated/deactivated
* Many minor improvements and bug-fixes

23.01.2014 AlphaControls v9.00 Beta released

Most code has been rewritten, raised speed of rendering. Controls can have outer effects, like shadows and others, look of effect defined in a skin. Scrolls may have different sizes, arrow buttons can have different sizes too and may be invisible.

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