Updated: 23.08.2014

All available demonstration programs are placed on the separate page

Latest Stable version
Evaluation fully-functional package.
Contains precompiled units, compiled demo with sources, ASkinEditor tool, documentation and some latest skins.
Delphi 5
Delphi 6
Delphi 7
Delphi 2005
Delphi 2006
Delphi 2007
Delphi 2009
Delphi 2010
Delphi 2007
Delphi XE
Delphi XE2 (x64)
Delphi XE3 (x64)
Delphi XE4 (x64)
Delphi XE5 (x64)
Delphi XE6 (x64)
Builder 6
Builder 2006
Builder 2007
Builder 2009
Builder 2010
Builder XE
Builder XE2
Builder XE3
Builder XE4
Builder XE5
Builder XE6
7-14 Mb 23.08.2014
ASkinEditor tool with demo-program and some skins. 9.3 Mb 23.08.2014
Additional package with DB-aware components optimized for using with AlphaSkins.
Free for using, sources included. AlphaControls required.
0.1 Mb 23.08.2014
ACExtra package - collection of components for Delphi, developed by AlphaControls users.
Free for using, sources included. AlphaControls required.
1.0 Mb 10.07.2014
Free edition
AlphaControls Lite Edition is a part of the AlphaControls package (not all components are included here) which can work without any limitations in the Delphi 5/6/7/2005-2010/XE-XE6 and C++ Builder 6/2006-2010/XE-XE6 under Windows XP and newer.
Free for using without sources.
50.8 Mb 23.08.2014
AlphaControls LE compiled demo with sources and some skins. 2.3 Mb 23.08.2014
Other files
AlphaConvert - utility for a projects converting from standard controls to AlphaControls. 0.5 Mb 10.05.2012
English help-file for the AlphaControls package (CHM format) 0.5 Mb 28.02.2014
English help-file for the AlphaControls package in the WinHelp format (may be installed in the Delphi 5/6/7) 0.5 Mb 28.02.2014
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